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Highgate Systems is a trusted provider of Banking and Lending solutions to international banking and financial institution clients. Founded in 1986, it has grown over the years and has clients in many countries. We have an experienced team of technology and banking professionals that work with our clients to provide innovative solutions to help clients grow their businesses. Commercial Banks, Credit Unions.

Choosing Highgate Systems is an easy decision. Highgate doesn't make promises it can't keep. Highgate delivers tried and tested applications - on time and on budget.

At Highgate we have been doing it for over thirty years and there are happy clients everywhere who will tell you that the decision to 'go with Highgate' was a good one that paid for itself many times over.

Highgate works with its clients to understand their businesses and bring to the discussion the knowledge gained from many years of working with successful financial institutions. We know what works, how to make it work, and how to help you build your business.