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Alpha Online is a secure, intuitive banking solution, with separate offerings for retail and corporate customers, delivering advanced online cash management and an extensive range of self-service banking options. Our solution covers all of your customers’ banking needs, and can be adapted to meet the requirements of your financial institution.

Alpha Online simplifies the process of conducting day-to-day banking activities such as viewing account information and transaction history, transferring funds and bill payments and allows for both real-time, direct processing as well as off-line, scheduled processing

Alpha Online can be seamlessly integrated with your existing core banking system to provide a modern, user-friendly interface and feature-rich solution to enhance customer experience.

Alpha OnlineRetail and Alpha OnlineCorporate both offer distinct advantages.

Alpha Online Retail

Real-Time Banking Solutions

Mobile Banking - Mobile application on Android and iOS, s with sophisticated verification methods such as facial recognition, fingerprint recognition as well as OCR capabilities

Banking Software Training

Loan Repayment - Facilitates loan repayments within the bank, with the ability to use loan transfer templates and generate a loan statement.

Managed Hosting

Bill Payment Integration - Integrates with mobile carriers and utility companies for bill payment


Real-Time Banking Solutions

Payroll Processing - Bulk transaction capabilities, such as payroll processing and salary distribution.

Banking Software Training

Transaction Approval - Functionality to allow processing transactions, based on user role

Managed Hosting

User Group/Permission Management - Defining and managing roles and user groups, such as Administrators, Users, Posters, Approvers and Accounting


Alpha Online is API-enabled to be seamlessly and effectively integrated with the existing core banking system, to extend the system’s capabilities and services. Alpha Online integrates with third party applications to facilitate SWIFT payment processing and cheque imaging for statements.

Account Information

Alpha Online provides the capability to view and manage a list of all accounts and account activity, view current balance and generate account statements.

Secure Administration Functionality

The secure administration module allows users to perform key administrative tasks such as:

  • Setting up user profiles, with relevant access permissions and privileges
  • Creating and editing user accounts and the ability to securely activate or deactivate users
  • Password management including ability to reset password, set login attempts and reset security answers
  • Setting transaction limits on different roles
  • Viewing logs of the customer’s transaction history

The system facilitates transfer transactions such as recurring transfers, interbank and intrabank transfers and ACH processing. It also provides the capability to define and manage transfer templates as well as initiate international transfers using the SWIFT Transfer Request feature.

Bill Payments

Our solution’s secure bill payment feature allows set up of payee profiles, with the ability to define recurring or one-time payments to a defined merchant/payee.

User Alerts

Automated email alerts can be set up to notify users during different system processes, such as user registration and password resets.

Message Centre

Alpha Online - Corporate provides a user-friendly messaging system that allows customers to send queries to the bank. This feature also provides the capability to compose a message to be sent to the entire customer base. Messages can be reviewed within a message log and responded to as needed.

Request Functionality

The system allows customers to communicate specific requests such as address change requests and full account statements.


Alpha Online incorporates multiple layers of security in both solution development and system access. The system is developed using SSL encryption to ensure data security and retains an access log and session information.

The product utilizes two factor authentication for access, customer validation from the existing system, and also integrates session expiry. Our solution meets all regulatory and compliance standards such as OFAC, World Check, AML and FATCA.


Alpha Online has a built-in reporting functionality via a Customer Dashboard to provide reports on user information, accounts and transactions.

Additional Support

Tools to support and enhance the user experience include:

  • Currency exchange calculator
  • Currency exchange rate display
  • Documentation
  • Location marker via Google Maps
  • Dedicated point-of-contact and support
Upcoming Features
  • Live chat between customer and bank
  • Onboarding of new products
  • Cheque deposits
  • Email transfers
  • Dashboards for customer onboarding details, to facilitate real time decision making
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