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Alpha Banking
Core Banking Software & Solutions

Alpha Banking builds on the operational excellence and versatility that has always been the hallmark of the Highgate Systems family of products. It is flexible, scalable and makes use of the latest technologies to deliver a powerful and cost-effective solution that supports your strategies and gives you the flexibility and functionality you need to help build your business. ‚Äč

Platform Independence - You choose the hardware and software you want to run it on. There is no requirement for special servers.

Scalable & Functionality Rich - Choose a database that is congruent with your existing technology investment.

Integrated General Ledger - Alpha Banking has an integrated General Ledger or you can interface to the General Ledger of your choice.

Alpha Banking can support the delivery channels you need. Easy to implement. Easy to learn. Call us and we’ll show you why Alpha Banking is ideal for your organization. Our clients have told us what they need, and Highgate Systems has delivered.

Alpha Banking is both ‘evolutionary’ and ‘revolutionary’. It builds on the capabilities of the current Highgate Systems Banking solution using Highgate Systems knowledge of client requirements and the needs they have expressed to us. At the same time, it makes use of modern technology to deliver a flexible, client-configurable solution that Highgate Systems clients can use to build their businesses.

Alpha Banking delivers in ways that make sense for your organization. You can use technologies your staff are familiar with or choose a ‘best of breed’ technology that exactly meets your strategic needs in any hardware and any operating system.



Platform Independence – There is no longer a requirement for a specific family of servers to run Alpha Banking. Clients can choose the technology platform they wish to run on. From a large server to a light server, to a laptop – Alpha Banking will run on them all. The technology platform has now become a choice driven by transaction volumes, business needs, and staff expertise.

A Browser-Based Interface – Users need only have access to one of the popular browsers to use Alpha Banking. There is no requirement for any software to be installed on user machines.

Operating System Independence – The client may select an operating system that best meets their needs. Windows or Linux? It doesn’t matter – pick what works for your organization.

Scalable & Functionality Rich – Choose the database that works for your organization e.g. Linux or IBM iSeries.

Ready integration to ‘best of breed’ solutions – when clients require something special to meet their business needs, Alpha Banking can be integrated into a third party via easy to use APIs. Of course, Alpha Banking can support the delivery channels you need, as well as new products like Alert Management Server, Highgate Systems Lending, Highgate Systems Collections and International Debit Cards.

Alpha Banking is moving forward in the marketplace at a remarkable pace. Understanding that the needs of our clients are unique, we work with each user to configure the solution to meet their specific requirements.

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