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The use of technology has continued to transform all aspects of our lives; it has changed the way we travel, communicate, entertain, cook, and even shop. Most importantly, technology has changed the way we handle our hard-earned money. In order for banks to stay relevant in a fast growing and constantly changing marketplace, they must make use of modern and innovative technology in order to maintain customer retention and attract new customers. There is a massive shift in our thinking with regard to the consumer needs and preferences. From traditional methods, we are now adopting digital and omni channel strategies to improve convenience and the customer's overall experience. More recently, the shift to digitalisation has become more eminent and Highgate Systems with its Alpha Online solution can put you ahead of the crowd and allow you to transform your customer experience.

What are the key capabilities of Alpha Online?

Standard functionality includes:

  • Review banking activity
  • Check account balances
  • Make loan payments
  • Transfer monies between accounts
  • Transfer monies between third parties
  • Manage online bill payments
  • Schedule automatic payments
  • Print statements
  • Request services such as drafts, checkbooks etc.

What are the benefits of Alpha Online?

For the Customer
  • The convenience of having access to your banking activities all day, everyday. Giving you back time in your day to focus on what matters most to you
  • Stress Free! No more trips to the financial institution for simple transactions, no more standing in line. The power to bank is in the palm of your hand
  • Manage your accounts from a single pane of mobile glass
  • Access to new product offerings in minutes from the comfort of your couch, coffee shop or beach chair
For the Financial Institution
  • Reduce Administrative Overhead - By offering Alpha Online, financial institutions will reduce the time and resources dedicated to managing over the counter transactions
  • Requires less paperwork and personnel and can shift focus to other critical areas of the business
  • Improved customer service through the offer of fast, efficient anytime, anywhere banking
  • Improved offerings to both retail and corporate customers
  • Financial inclusion - Improving your reach to customers outside of your branch network

Services include but are not limited to: Banking and Lending Software, Training, Managed Hosting, Disaster Recovery, Archive and Data Retention Services and Consulting Services.

Based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Highgate Systems has been providing real-time banking software and solutions to global financial institutions since 1986. Please contact us for more information.