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Highgate Systems

Real-Time Banking Software

Providing fully integrated, end-to-end banking solutions to financial institutions

For over 30 years, Highgate Systems has been providing banking and lending solutions and has satisfied clients all over the globe. Highgate takes pride in delivering integrated, real-time solutions that empower clients to exceed their business objectives. Highgate’s high quality, digital solutions are delivered on time and on budget to a multitude of financial institutions including commercial banks, credit unions, development banks and other lending establishments.

Services include but are not limited to: Banking and Lending Software, Training, Managed Hosting, Disaster Recovery, Archive and Data Retention Services and Consulting Services.

    • Our Core Values

    Customer Obsession - Simply put, we consistently listen and focus on improving and enhancing our customers’ experience.

    Commitment - At Highgate Systems, “it’s not my job” is not part of the vernacular. We own it, and we will work together to address it.

    Do It Together - “How can I help?” is the common phrase at Highgate. We constantly contemplate how can we help our team, each other and our customers.

    Authenticity - Highgate Systems employees operate with high-level authenticity. This requires the right blend of transparency, vulnerability and integrity.

    • Mission Statement

    At Highgate Systems, our mission is to be the most trusted, innovative and convenient banking solutions partner for financial services providers and institutions around the globe.

    • Vision Statement

    Our vision is to simplify banking using leading technology to build clear and transparent solutions enhancing the financial institutions digital footprint and deliver real-time solutions to their customers.

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Banking Applications

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Solution And Services
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